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50 countries will be buying imported Ukrainian poultry meat by 2017


Ukrainian Poultry Producers Association (UPPA) reports that Ukrainian chicken meat is highly competitive on world markets, which is making it possible to constantly expand market outlets. The expert notes that, by 2017, 50 countries will be importing Ukrainian poultry.

Domestic poultry output is growing year by year, says Bakumenko, noting that 2103 would see an increase of 150,000 tonnes, nearly 15%. Today, Ukraine ranks 9th in the world in poultry production volumes and hopes to be among the top ten exporters of broiler meat. Currently, Ukraine supplies chicken meat to nearly 30 countries worldwide, including CIS countries, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and others.

Recently, Ukraine began exporting chicken meat to EU countries. The first batch, 20t, was shipped to the Netherlands. The signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU will make it possible for domestic producers to export up to 40,000 t of chicken meat a year at zero customs duty.

Ukrainian poultry producers had undergone prolonged testing procedures with every EU food safety and quality control organization, and passed all the tests successfully.

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