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Foreigners' Impressions about Agricultural Tour in Ukraine

Wayne Wood, the president of the Michigan Farm Bureau, farmer and milkman (300 milking cows with the average annual productivity of 10600 kg)
"From time to time we organize educational trips for the members of our union. This time we decided to visit Ukraine. We had a few reasons for this. First of all, we were interested to see the country which is worldwide known as the breadbasket. We wanted to know more about its agricultural production, particularly dairy industry. We expected to see fertile soil and the country which can satisfy its food needs.
And Ukraine met all our expectations. Ukraine owns the great potential: fertile black soil, human resources and all opportunity for further agrarian development.
We were surprised to find out your interest rate and that the vast majority of milk and meat is produced by people at their home gardens.
We were impressed and encouraged by the fact that Ukrainian producers unite.
In spite of the contradictory impressions, we liked Ukraine very much. We are satisfied with the living conditions and meal. People were very hospitable everywhere. I have travelled a lot but I have never felt so safe in any country".


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