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Agrarian Ukraine: Grain Market Monitoring (January 2014)


Prices on the crop market of Ukraine tended to increasing last week according to the seasonal tendencies.

Wheat Market. As supply doesn’t correspond with demand, the prices on wheat market had to be increased by 30-50 UAH/ton. Thus, prices for wheat of second variety offered by the processing enterprises are 1870-2100 UAH/ton, and for wheat of third variety – 1820-2050 UAH/ton.

The high demand and low supply were watched on the market of forage wheat. Rise in prices is caused by needs of the processing enterprises in resupplying of feedstock. Thus, purchasing price fluctuated between 1650 and 1800 UAH/ton.

Maize Market. The high demand and low supply on the domestic market increased purchasing prices by 50 UAH/ton – up to 1550 UAH/ton. At the end of the last week prices for Ukrainian maize on the international market was 216 USD/ton – by 3 USD higher in comparison with the previous week.

Barley Market. Considering seasonal tendencies, majority of crop producers continued restraining sales of forage barley. Processing enterprises didn’t change set prices – 1750-1800 UAH/ton. Export price of Ukrainian barley on the international market is 245 UAD/ton.

Sunflower seeds Market. Majority of agrarians kept from active selling sunflower seeds that led to rise in prices. Thus, supply prices price fluctuated between 3100 and 3500 UAH/ton and purchasing prices – 3000-3200 UAH/ton. Average price for Ukrainian oil on the international market is 435 USD/ton.

Soybeans Market. Considering quite high price for soybeans, some of processing enterprises kept from purchasing feedstock. Purchasing prices on the Ukrainian soybeans market are 4200 – 4400 UAH/ton. Average export price is unchangeable – 480 USD/ton.

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