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Agrimarket Monthly Analytics

Grain market Analysis
From the beginning of the year Ukraine has exported: wheat – 5.72, barley –  1.85, maize – 3.42 million tonnes.
Ministry of Agriculture and Food said that grain export has reached 11.06 million tonnes in the middle of November. This figure is the higher by 10%, than in the same period last year.
It is assumed that grain exports in 2013/2014 MR can reach 30 million tons.
Price Increase on oilseeds
The price of sunflower continues growing for last week, because of demand and high quality seeds supply. Its average price is 465 dollars/ton.
Soybeans market has been remaining stable for two last weeks. The export price increased by 5 USD and reached 460 USD/tonnes. Ukraine sold abroad 221.8 thousand tonnes of soybeans.
Although reserves of rape are limited in the country and purchase prices are low, the rape export is actively today. It was 1.74 million tons.
In total, an oilseed export has reached about 1.5 million tons in November.
Feed Market
Due to reducing demand the paces of sales in the market of feed were low at the end of the month.
During the last week sunflower meal prices were stable on the market. Soybean meal market had the same situation. Prices tend to decrease. The minimum feed prices were reduced by 6.5 dollars.

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