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Analytics of Ukrainian Agrarian Markets (May,2014)


Maize Market. In the first half of May, Ukrainian export market of forage maize suffers from low demand, which prices vary within 240-243 USD/t, FOB. Price fluctuations did not touch the domestic market – exporters offered 2200-2400 UAH/t, CPT-port. Although there wasn’t a demand among the processing enterprises, the enterprises which needed maize purchasing raised price by 100-150 UAH/t (2400-2600 UAH/t), CPT.

In the second half of May, it is expected seasonal increase in demand without price changing.

Wheat Market. May has started with slight rising in price for food wheat on the Ukrainian export market – 288 USD/t, FOB. Domestic market kept stability with low purchasing activity. Processing enterprises offered quite wide price range for food wheat – 2650-2950 UAH/t, CPT. Exporters kept the previous price up.

Due to the unsettling situation in the country, Ukrainian grain market suffers from declining demand and as a result price falling.

Soybeans Market. Due to the stabilization of exchange, prices for soybeans kept in the range of 6000-6500 UAH/t, CPT-enterprise. Demand price varied in the range of 6000-6600 UAH/t.

In the second half of May, high demand among the processing enterprises is expected.

Sunflower Seeds Market. Stability of sunflower seeds market was caused by the stability of the export market of sunflower oil and adequate supplies of oil-yielding crops within country. Purchasing prices varied from 4600 to 4850 UAH/t, CPT-enterprise.

Dairy Market. Prices falling characterized dairy market in the first half of May. Thus, purchasing prices for milk of the extra quality was reduced by 3,9% - 3,93 UAH/kg, milk of the highest quality – by 0,7% (4 UAH/kg) and milk of the first quality felt in price by 0,5% - 3,88 UAH/kg.

Further price falling is expected under the different factors: seasonal prevalence, export restrictions to Russia, etc.

Pork Market. Due to the noticeable demand on the market in the first half the current month, the price for pork of the first category works out at 21-24 UAH/kg of live weight.

Till the end of May, slight raising in price is expected – 0,5-1 UAH/kg. Range of prices will work out at 22-24 UAH/kg with raising cost price by 40%.

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