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The Breadbasket Goes Organic


By virtue of its unspoiled soil, Ukraine is also emerging as a major producer of organic food. Already, hundreds of thousands of acres are devoted to organic farming and agricultural officials and outside experts believe that Ukraine can become a major exporter and help satisfy the increasing demand in Western Europe for such products.

Today, 70 percent of all organic products in Ukraine are exported. Yet, at the same time, there is an emerging and growing demand for organic products inside the country as well. Ukrainians are used to growing their own food, or local food. Foreign investors are also just emerging in the trend to farm Ukraine’s rich, black soil without pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals.

The cost of organic production is lower than the cost of crop production with chemicals once the turnover has been made, according to studies. As the cost of conventional farming continues to rise, Ukraine may well emerge as a beacon, as its farmers are used to using little or no petroleum-based chemicals.

Eco Tourism Emerges

Ukraine is also experiencing the beginnings of agricultural and green tourism with more than 1,000 family farms offering accommodation in farmhouses on pastoral land, overlooking rivers, streams and rolling hills. Some offer horse-back riding, hiking and other outdoor experiences for families. Thatched roofs and colorful, wooden farmhouses delight foreign tourists. And opportunities do not abate in winter when hiking tours turn to cross-country skiing along the riverbanks. Green tourism, a new and emerging industry, has great potential for Ukraine.

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