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Dutch farmers discovered agriculture in Kazakhstan


In early June, we welcomed a group of Dutch farmers in Kazakhstan. They spent 9 days on the itinerary Nur-Sultan–Almaty, enjoying the beauties of the country along with arable, dairy, potato farm visits.

Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world where 74% of the country’s territory is suitable for agricultural products. Farmers raise sheep and cattle, and livestock products including dairy gods, meat and wool. The country’s major crops are wheat, barley, cotton and rice. Kazakhstan is one of the top 10 grain exporters in the world, exporting to 70 countries.

On the tour, we managed to visit large-scale farm with 50,000 ha of land to grow wheat, barley, corn and forages to feed 2,400 Holstein dairy herd; farm with 3,000 ha for growing organic wheat and other cereals to export to the EU countries; small farm where they use Dutch technology to grow, harvest and store potato with implemented drip irrigation system. We experienced visiting traditional Kazakh aul (“village”) to explore national customs, culture and traditions of nomad people; enjoyed futuristic architecture of Nur-Sultan and Almaty surrounded by Tian Shan Mountains.

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