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French associations on seed market tour to Ukraine


On February 12-16, a delegation of French seed associtions visited Ukraine on seed market tour. The delegate GNIS (National Association of Seed and plants sector), the UFS (French Union of Seed companies), ANAMSO (Association of oleaginous seed growers). 


Seed market in Ukraine:

  • Ukraine's annual needs in seeds amount to 3 million tons.
  • Mostly, Ukraine is import-dependent on seeds of oilseed crops - sunflower, rapeseed, soybeans.
  • In 2018, Ukraine imported 29,800 tons of sunflower seeds, 9,750 tons of rapeseeds and 1,700 tons of soybeans.
  • Total sowing areas under seeds accounted for 225,375.5 ha partically, 14,278.5 ha under sunflower seeds, 341.5 ha - rapeseeds, 25,005.9 ha - soybeans.

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